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Education is the mean whereby adults pass on and inculcate to children their knowledge and behavior pattern and develop their genetic potential for the existing and future challenges. The aforesaid definition indicates the importance and reality of the educational process. SMCSE creates and develops a pleasing learning process in our educational institutions to produce self-motivated and self-regulated learners with the cooperation of their clients. A welfare educational institution or welfare-commercial educational institution may get our expertise.



Business activities give sustenance to an individual as well as a nation. Conventional management approach will lead any business towards failure or continuous losses or less than optimal return. SMCSE develops dynamic growth strategies that produce optimal results and give maximum profit to any business activity. Time Management is given pivotal importance for any business system.


Personal Growth (Training)

People/customers/staff response to managerial actions are crucial to the success or failure of any social or economic activity. It is managers that are more than 90% responsible for the system performance. Their conviction, knowledge level, wisdom and general behavior towards people/customers/staff must be excellent or prone to excellence. SMCSE believes that it is necessary for managers to understand elementary principles of psychology, sociology, economics, statistics and decision analysis to analyze the ground realities before decisions are made. We have a comprehensive training program to attain maximum achievements in the socio-economic sphere of life.

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