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SMCSE is an IT, Branding & Business Consulting Agency

We build your business and capture your customers by offering strategic alignment, creative solutions and state of the art technology — to help you achieve your business goals.

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“In a single word, EXCELLENT. I am a very picky customer with 30 years’ of professional experience. SMCSE had the patience and tenacity to give me a product that is 100% to my specs. They are true professionals and worth every penny I spent on my project. My heartiest “thank you” to them and if they need a reference, I am available.”

Mr. Nasser Lukmani, SMD – Blackhawk Technologies, LLC.

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SMCSE helps entrepreneurs and businesses actualize their true potential.

eCommerce, Digital Marketing & Business Software

Brand Strategy, Identity Design & Marketing

Management, IT, Economic & HR Consultancy

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responsibility, sincerity, honesty, integrity, excellence
We are sincere towards our customers
We are honest in our commitments
We strive for excellence and continuous improvement
We are mindful of our business ethics
We ensure quality through punctuality and hard work in each task


Day Trading or Swing Trading: An Analysis of Stock Market

Day Trading or Swing Trading: An Analysis of Stock Market

A stock market is a place where shares of companies are sold and bought. The very purpose of a share market is to collect capital from investors for companies through selling ownership rights… Swing trading provides for a much larger profit potential than day trading.

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Effective Presentation: A Few Guidelines

Effective Presentation: A Few Guidelines

The preparation of an engaging business presentation needs relevant information, attractive design and confident delivery at the time of interaction. The article mentions a few guidelines on giving an effective presentation.

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Vital Marketing Concepts Every Business Should Know

Vital Marketing Concepts Every Business Should Know

Effective Marketing is a cherished desire of startups, SMEs, and firms for stable market share. The effectiveness of a marketing strategy is based on an insightful understanding of some vital marketing concepts such as marketing, selling, branding, advertising, and networking.

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