Day Trading or Swing Trading – A Comparative Analysis

A stock market is a place where shares of companies are sold and bought. The very purpose of a stock market is to collect capital from investors for companies through selling ownership rights (i.e., shares) and, in return, companies offer dividends against each share....

Effective Presentation – A Few Guidelines

The preparation of an engaging presentation needs relevant information, attractive design and confident deliverance at the time of interaction. The present article mentioned a few guidelines on effective presentation.

Vital Marketing Concepts

Effective Marketing is a cherished desire of startups, SMEs, and firms for stable market share. The effectiveness of a marketing strategy is based on the insightful understanding of some vital marketing concepts such as marketing, selling, branding, advertising, and networking.

Effective Stock Trading

Stock Market is like the wavering sea with countless opportunities/threats. Some take out pearls, some come out with fish and some come out simply wet.