Project Review

Take Me Social

Project summary

I’d like for the logo to be fun and laid back. Nothing too serious or too corporate looking. Although we take our work seriously, I don’t want our image too appear too stuffy. Color choices are orange, blue and white. Probably, lighter shades might work best.

The Strategy

We wanted to make this design fun yet professional, as requested by the client. The team decided on a monogram design with some further play in the text. The “E” and “M” of Take and Me and connected to manifest visually what the word means “Take Me”. Along with social written in a blue chat box, also to represent the word “Social” itself.

Everything was excellent! I wasn’t very specific with what I wanted but, they were still able to come up with ideas that surpassed anything I could’ve hoped for. Will definitely work with them, again, in the future!

Marcus Conerly

Owner, Take Me Social

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