Business Philosophy

“Blackhawk is a leading M&A advisory services and IP monetization firm assisting companies and individuals in maximizing the value of their assets. With a collective experience of over 80 years, our team has assisted numerous clients with large value transactions including mergers and acquisitions, of product lines and strategic financial transactions such as funding, business restructuring, workouts, exits liquidation”

Target Audience

Anyone seeking Advisory in maximizing the value of assets

Values to Communicate

Lucrative, Solid, Quality, Trustworthy, Reliable

Task Deliverables

The company required a website to introduce itself professionally. Moreover, a details overview of how the company operates and the service it offers is also shown professionally.

In a single word, EXCELLENT. I am a very picky customer with 30 years’ of professional experience. Athar had the patience and tenacity to give me a product that is 100% to my specs. They are true professionals and worth every penny I spent on my project. My heartiest “thank you” to them and if they need a reference, I am available.

Mr. Nasser Lukmani

Senior Managing Director , Blackhawk Technologies, LLC.

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