Business Philosophy

APT – Automated Payment Transfer Ltd. is a Fintech company which specializes in Bank Automated Clearing Service (BACS). It provides software for Credit and Direct Debit Transfers. ATP’s prime aim is to create a streamline payment process.

APT aims to make the use of BACS software for its client convenient by offering quality customer care through a stepwise procedure. The customer care is reinforced through APT’s in-house consulting which is offered in addition to the main service.

Target Audience

APT is targeted for companies & individuals who need payment transfer facilities.

Values to Communicate

Gender Neutral, Serious, Simple, Mature, Modern, Streamline, Professional, Uniform, Clean, Promptness

Branding Framework


To ensure customer loyalty, APT’s corporate identity is designed to showcase “Streamline” and “Promptness”. These are the underlying features of APT’s quality customer care and service.


APT’s customer-oriented work model and processes differentiates the company from its competitors.


APT’s business model revolves around customer care through consultation at every phase.

Brand equity

APT is an established Brand which is built around offering a Quality Software (Product), customer care and consultancy. The brand equity is preserved in the new identity by highlighting these key features.

Design Construction


Automated Payment Transfer, Ltd provides payment solutions. Payments are often associated with movement or flow. Which became the basis for using arrows in the logo. Overall, the Hidra shaped symbol is created using the technology icon, with an intent to further signify technology.

Work Process

Our team explored multiple options and after selecting a direction we finalized the symbol & type. Initially, the design was inverted. However, we felt the design isn’t encapsulating the aforesaid features completely. Which is why we refurbished the design during the gridding phase.



Type & Color


Tex Gyre Adventor



Icon Collection

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