Business Philosophy

“Men and Women from age 18 to 25 cannot or do not want to purchase expensive watches. Acmetic provides quality, gender neutral watches at reasonable prices. Watches provided by high-end brands have deficiencies and their price points are much high. Acmetic aims to fill in the market gap of people who want to purchase quality watches at affordable price points.”

Target Audience

The Niche market are fashion-conscious men and women. Watches are classic and unisex. The age group will be approximately 18 to 25 years old. Initially, sales will be handled online. Further expansion to real shops depend on the success of the Brand.

Values to Communicate

Simple, Classic, Connectivity, Twist in Design, Good Looking, Masculine, Serious, Young, Playful


Branding Framework


Aesthetically, in order to ensure the brand loyalty of potential and current customers, logos are designed with the touch of uniqueness & boldness which is the point of differentiation of Acmetic


Alan’s past experience with acclaimed fashion brands enabled him to see their “weak” points. To visually showcase the customized correction of these defects, the logos are bold and in line with Acmetic’s history


The quality-driven approach of Acmetic along with the unique layout of its products is reflected and highlighted in the design in order to visually
create and convey a compelling story of the brand


The unique designs of Acmetic watches and the attention to detail to create quality products for people who cannot afford expensive watches is the competitive edge. The design is aimed to capitalize over this positive brand equity factor

Design & Name Breakdown

Name Philosophy

In Greek, acme means a mountain peak, but in English we hardly ever use it in the physical sense. Instead, acme, the highest point or stage, the point at which something is at its best or peak

Design Philosophy

This design is based on the combination of watch’s main body and letter “A”, company’s initial. Acmetic is derived from “Acme” which means the highest point. Furthermore, the design gives an impression of a peak in front of Sun. This is intended to depict the maximum point or a peak point, Acme. Over all the look has a:
• Classical Vibe,
• Masculinity,
• Maturity,
• Simplicity &,
• Seriousness

Type & Color


Tex Gyre Adventor



I am fully Satisfied with the work Athar & Co Delivered. They helped me alot with my Startup. would work with them again!



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