We create strategy-led business and brand solutions.

A strategic brand and busienss framework for you that corresponds to your business strategy.


We focus on Business Development by ensuring a convergence between:

Management Consultancy
SMCSE develops quality oriented systems and dynamic growth strategies that produce optimal results and give maximum profit to any business activity.
Economic Consultancy
SMCSE has expertise to develop lucrative business plans on professional grounds.
Information Technology
SMCSE helps its clients to identification, documentations and formal execution of their IT sector plans
SMCSE provides analysis and suggestions on how to transform a company’s images to ensure strong market representation


We focus on brand development by improving and creating harmony between the four underlying aspects of brand:


At the content level, we develop a specific perception/expectation of users towards products or services. Basic Brand Concept Elements comprise: Business Name / Domain Name, Tagline / Slogan, Mission & Vision, Value Set, Brand Statements, Content Creation (About, Newsletters, etc.)

SMCSE provides professional and unique Brand Identity Designs that provide standout parity content and distinct Brand Image. Our brand identity designs include: Logo Design (including Brand/Style Guide), Business Stationery Designs (Business Card, Letterheads, Envelopes, Compliment Slip, etc.), Branding/Marketing Tools (Animations, Company Explainers, Flyers, Brochures, etc.), Social Media Marketing Support, Business Presentations & Document Templates
Our aim is to create a perception-oriented attachment of business with self-motive, engage the target audience at an emotional level and provide the company a phenomenal and standout market representation.
Our Brand Experts make sure all significant factors of the business are taken into consideration during the work phase, i.e., target market, business approach, services/products, location, etc. and set the strategic direction of the business through perception-making, to ensure stability and growth.


We focus on IT Development by creating a convergence between:

Technical Superiority
We aim to provide software solutions that truly serves its purpose. To ensure that, we offer a wide range of services: Web Application Development, WordPress Development, Database Management, e-Commerce, Business Information Platforms & Mobile App Development etc.
Visually, our company keeps the following aspects under consideration at every stage:
– Provide user an easy to use and easy to learn interactive interface to any type of site and application
– Capturing user’s attention and trust professionally,
– Conveying company/brand’s message effectively
The technology bases we cover are: UI/UX, Adobe Suits, Front-end frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, Bootstrap etc.), WordPress Theme Development, WP Builders
We understand that there are several underlying aspects of any software solution i.e., speed, smoothness, durability, security, robustness and our team have these performance aspect in our core business model.
Ease of use
A solution is only useful as long as it serves the its purpose. This aspect demands ease of use and ease of learning for the intended target market. Our team follows Benchmark Quality Standards of Human Computer Interaction.

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