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Human Resource Development is a vital aspect of institutional efforts. It is actualized through multiple life skills such managerial skills, professional skills, and emotional or social skills. SKILL is defined as the ability to do something well. A deficiency in skills, conventional as well as innovative, tends to produce less than optimal returns on efforts, excessive efforts are made by economic agents but moderate returns are achieved. According to the World Bank, a faster and sustainable economic growth requires three fundamental factors: Human Capital, Physical Capital, and Natural Capital. Interestingly, human capital has a major share (64 per cent).

SMCSE cordially invites you to explore countless opportunities for better institutional setup and successful individual life. SMCSE developed some indigenous training programs for personal growth / institutional development. The major issues of learning programs are: –

  • Success Vs failure
  • Micro-Management Vs Quality Management,
  • Negative Mindset Vs Positive Mindset,
  • Habitual Behavior Vs. Innovative Behavior,
  • Competitive Environment Vs Cooperative Environment,
  • Short-Run Analysis Vs Long-Run Analysis,
  • Short-Run Analysis Vs Long-Run Analysis,
  • Opportunities Vs Threats,
  • Structural Analysis Vs Operational Analysis, and so on and so forth.

SMCSE gives assistance to organizations to develop enthusiastic and innovative individuals for efficient and effective institutional system.

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