Business Planning

Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail.

Business is an activity to produce an item or to render a service initiated by an entrepreneur. The main objective of a business is to strengthen in following categories:


Profit Maximization or To Earn Maximum Profit

  • Sustainability or To Develop a Sustainable Business by Creating Stable Customer Account
  • Customer Care or To Achieve Customer Satisfaction
  • Employment Generation or To Generate Employment for Society
  • Competitiveness or To Remain Competitive in Industry.


A business plan is an organized and temporal description of a business struggle, it provides professional guidance to entrepreneurs and sets course of actions for them. It makes the business struggle systematic, planned, and stable. A business plan covers multiple aspects of a business struggle; generally, a business plan has following sections:


  • Executive summary
  • Company Overview / Description of the Business
  • Market Overview
  • Company Structure – A Technical Review of Business
  • Management System – A brief description of Conceptual, Structural, & Operational Aspects of Institution
  • Financial Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Work Plan


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